Have you ever wondered why we exercise?  What exactly is happening inside your body when we stretch, squat or go for a jog?  How can you correct your posture for good?  It’s time to get some answers!

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the Science Behind Exercise to help you understand your body better.  This one is a real treat because we’re bringing in two women who are both masters of theircraft!

Tamara Zweck will teach you exactly what’s happening beneath the skin when you exercise.  With the help of ‘Jigsaw’ the skeleton, Tamara will show you which muscles and joints are working during different exercises.  Along with this detailed visualization, she’ll also teach you what you can learn from the way our body works.

Then Cindy Jourdain will put what you’ve learned to the test and run you through a solid workout!  I hope you didn’t think this was a passive workshop because Cindy won’t let you leave before you get a good sweat!

…Oh, and for those of you who don’t know, Tamara is the Medical Director for the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Cindy is a Celebrity Trainer who’s trained some of the top talents in the country!  Best of all, this is the first time that these two are coming together and it’s all just for YOU!  So get ready, because we’re turning the training room into a classroom!


This interactive workshop is designed to change the way you approach exercise from the inside out.  You can expect to learn essential techniques and tips to boost your fitness journey!  Your teachers will be focusing on two of the most fundamental movements in training:

The Deadlift:  You’ll learn a series of exercises that will help you improve your deadlift.  Tamara will help you visualize what’s happening on an anatomical level when you hinge your hip.  Cindy will guide you through a kneeling drill, the sumo deadlift, the Romanian deadlift.  She’ll also show you a few other fun variations to make sure that you really understand what you’re learning!

The Squat:  Everyone knows that from your glutes to your calves, squats can help build your leg muscles.  Maybe what you didn’t know is that a solid squat routine can help trigger body wide muscle development.  Tamara will give you a leg up and explain exactly what’s going on behind the curtains.  Cindy will make sure you feel what’s going on!  You’ll learn several exercises to improve your squat including fire hydrants, the goblet and lots more!



Tamara Zweck is one of the best sports and orthopaedic physiotherapists in the game. Quite literally in fact, after working with the New Zealand Cricket Team and the Sri Lankan Premier League Cricket team, she was appointed the Medical Director for the Indian Premier League (IPL). Now she is the go-to person for the most difficult musculoskeletal cases.

Tamara Founded 206 Optimal Movement, a centre which offers the best in health and fitness treatments for the 206 bones in your body.

Originally from Australia, Tamara is seriously dedicated to helping people experience the best that their bodies can achieve. Now is your chance to meet her and find out what you’re made of!


Cindy Jourdain started as a ballerina who danced professionally at the highest level for the Royal Ballet Company in London.  After stepping off the stage, she continued her journey into movement and reestablished herself as one of the most recognizable celebrity trainers in India.

Since arriving in India, her training style has been turning heads.  Even the folks over at Nike have named her a brand ambassador!

Today, you’ll typically find her training students at Cindy’s Bootcamp, a centre she founded to expose people to her own recipe of movement and training techniques.  Her bootcamp brings together influences from Ballet, Functional Training, Muay Thai, Crossfit and Yoga!  Come out and join Cindy for a sweat you won’t forget!

Tamara Zweck

Body Sculptor

  206 Movement

Cindy Jourdain

Ballet Warrior

  Cindy’s Bootcamp


Sat, June 24, 2017 ⠀
2pm-4pm ⠀
⠀ ⠀


2 hr


₹2500 Regular

Are you ready?



Now We Are Learning



■  Bring a workout mat
■  Wear athletic clothing
■  Bring a water bottle and towel
■  Bring a pen and notepad



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