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Hey, how are you doing today?  If you’re feeling good, then it’s time to feel great and if you’re already great, then come and join us for a great weekend with Neha Duseja!   Some of you may have spotted her at our last workshop with Deepika Mehta.  Neha was the one quietly doing advanced level handstands during the vinyasa.  We say quietly because if you were practicing beside her you wouldn’t even hear her lift off.  Deepika simply referred to her as a ninja!  She is a graceful expert on inversions and it’s a real treat that we can welcome her back from Dubai to teach you the secrets from her bag of tricks!

This is an opportunity to get off your feet and flip things around!  On the first day Neha will be focusing on building a flow to get you ready for inversions.  She has years of knowledge behind her and she is excited to share it with you.  After spending the first day, you’ll understand the right approach to inversions, no matter what your level is.  Whether you’re working on a headstand, a forearm balance, or a handstand, this uplifting experience will get you to your next milestone faster!  On the second day, Neha  won’t be holding back.  She has a full plan lined up for you to get you upside down.  Read below for the full descriptions of each day and book your spot here to confirm your registration.  We can’t wait to see you upside down soon!


Feb 24th 

4pm – 6pm

In order to invert, which is a vital part of every yoga practice, one of the most important things to develop is strength. Yes, your flexibility, focus dedication will be important too, but this workshop is geared towards teaching you a strength movement flow.  This won’t be strictly yoga, but in fact, a melody of Primal movement, yoga and calisthenics. The workshop will guide you through an interactive flow to help you build strength in all the right places. Expect to walk away with plenty of tools and drills that you can incorporate into your daily routine to get stronger. The strength lies within you!

Feb 25th 

4pm – 6pm

From newbies to seasoned inversion masters, this workshop is for you! Neha will begin with a warm up vinyasa flow for alignment and body awareness.
Next, she’ll help you with the approach to explore headstands, handstands and forearm balances. This means wrist warm ups and lubricating the joints and finally getting off the ground! From here, you’ll be able to practice a number of inversions whether they are wall assisted or in partners. If you are comfortable with a wall walk and inversion, you can practice unassisted inversions. It’s all about losing your inhibitions. Get ready to turn the town upside down!

February 24 + 25

4pm – 6pm

Come and get the most out of this weekend. We are working hard to bring you some of the most talented teachers from around the world, but you have to commit to yourself that you want positive change. This weekender will be yet another masterclass series to bring you closer to your personal well being goals. Neha has designed these two days to pair together and we highly recommend you do. Of course, you can still do each day independently, but after this weekend you will need to go to Dubai to learn from Neha again! So Come out and seize the opportunity to spend an immersive weekend with Neha.
Here’s to a stronger you and we hope to see you on the mat!


Neha’s yoga journey began about five years ago and she has quickly gained attention in Dubai as one of the leading teachers. She has this seamless ability to get upside down and off her feet and float there. Of course, her journey didn’t start like this, she began looking for a way to balance her work life. She experimented with Bikram yoga and decided to take on a 30 day challenge. A one month dedication to practicing everyday. What started as a month turned into 200 days of straight practice and she’s never looked back since!

This is the kind of drive she has to push herself to new limits. Neha knows that much of this realm lies beyond the physical. It’s a mental stretch that takes your limitations further than your imagination. She’s based in Dubai, and her regular students would say that her Vinyasa Flow classes are vigorous yet spiritual. She is deeply focused on alignment, building strength and teaching students to understand what they are doing. She has taught many workshops on this very topic and has refined this plan to an art. Her teacher training is not limited to yoga, but she has spent time working with experts in other fields to look for the common ground in movement. Whether its Calisthenics, Hand Balancing, Professional Dance, she has the ability to push your practice to the next level!

Neha Duseja

Ninja Yogi

  Neha Duseja Yoga


February 24th – 25th, 2017⠀⠀ ⠀


4pm – 6pm


₹2000 Single Workshop
₹3500 Full Weekender


₹1800 Single Workshop
₹3000 Full Weekender

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■  Bring your own yoga mat
■  Wear comfortable yoga clothes
■  Carry a water bottle
■  Hand towel recommended



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