This Masterclass isn’t like anything we’ve ever done before!  We’re bringing in Mattia Beltrame a long way from his home in Italy to sweep you off your feet!  No literally, you will be airborne before we’re through!  The goal of this workshop is to build up the strength and technique to lift off on the Rings.  Now, it’s not just about the ring work, but the journey to get there.  Matt will focus on the technical preparation to build to arm balances, handstands, and finally pulling and pushing with the rings.  These are techniques that you can apply to your own fitness or movement practice.

Matt has trained in a number of disciplines from calisthenics to yoga.  He’s regarded as a movement expert with over 10 years of dedicated experience!  So if you’ve never tried the rings before or you’re well on your way to the top, you’re in good hands.  This will be an experience you won’t forget!

Oh and we almost forgot to tell you where!  We are excited to announce that this will be our first workshop at Bandra’s newest fitness space, Beyond.  This beautiful and functional space is the brainchild of Cindy Jourdain, who you all know by now!  So come and check it out and get ready for liftoff!


FEBRUARY 17, 4 PM – 6:30PM

We will begin with a unique joint mobility preparation of the body to help you practice your Handstand.  This will include bodyweight exercises, wrist conditioning, shoulders opening, spinal alignment and core strength training.  Next, Matt will break down his approach to pressing and pushing with a progression for the handstand.  The idea is to use the wall for support and move on to the free standing handstand.  Yeah, you’ve earned a cool down session after this and Matt has just the remedy!

FEBRUARY 18, 4 PM – 6:30PM

Remember that joint mobility drill, Matt will get you warmed up with a movement flow.  Next up: bodyweight exercises.  This series will give you the preparation you need for your rings training with bodyweight exercises.  Then it’s time for learning the basics of pulling up and pushing.  You’ll learn how to channel the strength for lifting off with the pull up bar and the rings.  Once you have lift off, it’s all about learning ring elements (single ring exercises) and building up a rings routine.  We’ll finish with a cool down and then you’ll take some time to thank yourself for coming out!

FEBRUARY 17 + 18, 4 PM – 6:30PM

This is his first time to the city and we’re not sure when he will be back, so we highly recommend signing up for both days and getting the full range of Matt’s teachings!  These two workshops are designed to work together and build up your knowledge pool over the two days.  While they can be done individually, you’re encouraged to experience them both for the most impact!  So get ready to feel the lift with Handstands and the Rings!



Mattia Beltrame started his fitness journey in Italy as a professional water polo player. The physical preparation for this sport gave Matt the opportunity learn about a great volume of activities in athletic training. After leaving the team, Matt was keen to boost his training knowledge and expand his body awareness.  On this journey to enhance his physique and functional strength, Matt entered the world of bodybuilding, weightlifting and yoga.

His Hatha and Ashtanga yoga practice helped him develop his breathing and body awareness, while Matt’s bodyweight training became his tool to improve everyday. His commitment to training and quest for excellence is clear when you consider his professional qualifications.  He is certified as a personal trainer (FIPE – Italian Weight Lifting Federation), a Movement specialist (CST -Circular Strength Training) coach, a Tacfit (Tactical Fitness) Team Leader, a Hatha Yoga instructor and a specialist in the Atlas Movement System.

With more than ten years of practicing and teaching, his understanding of mobility, flexibility and strength is extensive.  Now, Matt is geared up to teach you the specific elements that you need to improve your quality of health!  It’s go time!

Mattia Beltrame

Ring Master

  Matt Exp


Sat-Sun Feb 17-18, 2018 ⠀
4pm-6:30pm ⠀
⠀ ⠀


2.5 hr /day


₹2500 Single Workshop
₹4000 Full Weekend


₹2000 Single Workshop
₹3500 Full Weekend


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■  Bring a workout mat
■  Wear athletic clothing
■  Bring a water bottle and towel
■  Bring a pen and notepad

“Movement is the greatest tool to increase your own knowledge, awareness of the body and mind and finding the path to overcome your limitations”

– Mattia Beltrame



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